If You're A Fool Either Way

You Might As Well Dance.

I actually finished a fanfic?!
So, somwhow inbetween revising for January exams, working my ass off, and Christmas shopping, I manage to write a fanfic, when all summer when I was doing nothing, I write sweet FA?! Thanks, brain. Thanks a lot.

On a completely unrelated note, you should probably download 'Forever Yours' by Alex Day. It's a great song, and ought to be Christmas No. 1 :D

Title: He Won't Go
Author/Artist: Inclination
Character/Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Fandom: Harry Potter

Prompt: #9, connection
Rating: R
Warnings: Bad language, sexual situations.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, and neither does the some 'He Won't Go' by Adele. It is however, a very, very good song, which I recommend you listen to.


He Won’t Go

[four way Remus and Sirius' relationship isn't what it used to be, and one way it hasn't changed]Collapse )

Backstreet's Back

/non-writing slump.

This is dedicated to zephyrrdragon for being lovely, and betaing my work seemingly endlessly, without so much as a complaint. <3 Also because she loves Sherlock/John possibly more than me, and that's rather impressive. ^__________^


Title: We All Float On

Author/Artist: Inclination

Character/Pairing: John/Sherlock

Fandom: Sherlock

Prompt: #13, we all float on

Rating: R
Bad language, sexual situations, some messed-up headspace




 John is, once again, overcome with the burning desire to atone.Collapse )



Warning: This is just random blatherings on my brain right now. I haven't written any fanfiction in ages, for which someone is allowed to punch me and tell me to man up and write. I have had a really good idea for a book (or rather a trilogy - because all good books come in trilogies(?)) and I plan to start writing it in the New Year, some time after my January exams, and after the Philosophy essay I'm supposed to be writing for some competition at Oxford University that my tutor told me about. Yaaaaay ~_~

I'm also working so much after Christmas... But I have to grit my teeth and face it, and think of the money, so I can get an iPhone 4 when my contract expires. Yes. I can be prettymuch bribed to do anything at the thought of earning £4.70 an hour. My will power is weak. And I'm just generally broke most of the time.

Another thing I was wondering about... I want to change my username and get rid of the "_fic" and this plainly be INCLINATION as I am in most internet sites that I haunt... Apparently, it costs $15 to change your name, and being British I have no idea how much this is. Is it reasonable? In my opinion, a currency converter can only tell you so much... but in the grand scheme of things, is it a rip off? And, I also have to consider whether it's worth it when my mother will want to know where the money's gone, because she spies on my bank account to check I haven't blown it all - which happened recently (it was Christmas!). She took great glee in informing me I had £2.50 in my account. That's what I get for buying presents for my lousy siblings.

Anyway.... This is what prompted me to come onto Livejournal in the first place. I found some lists that I wrote at the end of 2009, and I figured that this is what I even got a blog for in the first place (aside from fic!spamming ofc).

Good things that will happen in 2010

·         Leave school and start college. [check - and it was fairly wonderful. I love college.]

·         Prommmm [it was alright - the after-party was much better]

·         Soul Survivor. [an amazing time - it's a Christian camping event that I went to with loads of my friends. Loved it!]

·         Finish GCSEs and party. [GCSEs done, thank God! As for the partying, probably not as much as I'd planned, but I did manage to throw up on all FOUR walls of my friend's bathroom, so I'll consider this a success.]

·         Hang out with my wonderful and amazing friends. [check]

·         Doing lots of Hot-Guy spotting. [haha. I'm lame. Check]

·         Hannie coming home. [check - although this didn't quite go to plan. My friend Hannah moved to China in 2009, and was supposed to stay there until May/June 2010 at the earliest - she ended up moving back to England in January, because her parents got divorced. Ouch. But at least she came home.]

·         Go on holiday somewhere nice and sunny – preferably without my parents. [check - I went to Germany with a friend for a week, blissfully alone]

·         Turn 17 – then I can pass for 18 and go to see 18s in the cinema. [Well, I've turned 17, but there haven't been any 18 rated films that I've wanted to see. I have started learning to drive though, which is amazing.]

·         Eclipse comes out in the cinema – and Deathly Hallows part 1. [Eclipse was so-so. Deathly Hallows blew me away. Can't wait for Part 2.]

·         Lots and lots and lots of bleach. [And we have seen the end of the Aizen plot, which was a bit disappointing, in my opinion. The new arc doesn't seem much cop either. Tite Kubo, what are you playing at?]


Things to work on in 2010

·         Losing weight for prom and for being a bridesmaid [haha, this didn't go to plan! There's still time before I become a bridesmaid though... New Years express dieting!]

·         Getting an awesomely hot and also intelligent boyfriend who is madly in love with me and having a nice stable long term relationship. [I think I must live in some kind of fantasy world. (1) I'm not sure guys like this actually exist (I certainly don't know any), and (2) If said boys do exist, it's highly unlikely that they will be single, and also interested in ME. But here's to wishing.]

·         Pass all my GCSEs with flying colours by means of much revision and hard work. [Wow. An acual check!? Go me. (Now I sound really bigheaded. I did get the best result in my school year though. Not to brag or anything ~_~)]

·         Get into New College, do the baccalaureate, and work very, very hard. [Well I got into New College, but they never ran the baccalaureate, because not eough people wanted to do it. And am I working hard...? Well, harder than some, at least...]

·         Exercise muchly. [LOL]

·         Write to Hannah Jones more often. [Unnecessary. See above.]

·         Keep a diary of the funny things that happen, or I’ll forget them all. [No... that never happened. I can remember lots of amusing times though.]

·         Look to cook, so I could survive all by myself, like an independent adult. [I can probably cook the bare minimum to survive. I couldn't pass an an indepedant adult though.]

·         Use a diary to keep track of all of my wonderful social life. [Surprisingly, check. No more double bookings!]

·         Do something creative, in the form of creative writing and possibly drawing. [FANFIC. And this, to some extent.]

·         Figure out an action plan for the future. [I have some hazy dream of being a writer. Fingers crossed?]

·         Stop swearing, and mature into a wonderful human being. [Fuck, no. HAHA. I'm funny.]

·         Punch Rosella. [No, I didn't have the balls. I would have loved to though.]

·         Read lots of classic books and learn lots of useless trivia, and thus be able to shock people with my wonderful and overflowing intelligence. [I do this occasionally. And I've asked for lots of nice books for Christmas.]

·         Do something useful with my life, and gain some sort of sense of purpose. [Debatable. What a vague resolution.]

·         Create a leaver’s book do I do not forget my schooling experience – apparently it’s the best time of my life. [I haven't finished it still. I'm not sure that they were the best days of my life - but I wouldn't want to forget the people I met there.]

WOW. I'll be doing another list for 2011... I'll post them when they're done! Haha, Happy Christmas everyone :')

Brokeback Mountain

Well. I just saw the movie "Brokeback Mountain" for the first time.... I asked for it for my birthday back in September, and hadn't gotten round to watching it until now. And man, I'm really glad that I did.

SpoilersCollapse )

Feelin' H - A - P - P - Y

Ahhhhhh... I seem to be in a rather good mood :') It may or may not be something to do with how I served a mystery shopper in my restaurant and achieved full marks.... thus earning me a £50 bonus ;D Good times.

To celebrate, some Sherlock/John slash:

Actions Speak Louder
BBC's 2010 Sherlock
Rating: PG-13? Ish.
Wordcount: ~1000


John has always been a big believer that actions speak louder than words.Collapse )


Writer's Block: Television! Is there anything it cannot do?
What is the best new TV series of 2010?

Weeeeeeeell..... there's only one thing that really springs to mind... it is really necessary for me to state it out loud? Well, I will anyway: SHERLOCK.


BBC did a wonderful, fantastic thing there. Extremely well written, lovely characterisations and individual spins on the traditional Sherlock and John roles, and an incredible amound of detail compressed into four and a half short hours. For a series that only contained three (albeit long) episodes, it's created a massive, dedicated fan-base.

Role on Series two. <3

Urgh, I need to stop fic!spamming this journal....

Well... here is a nice oppertunity for my to just have a random splurge of what's happening about my life :D I've realised that I've spent too much time completely going "LIVEJOURNAL? NO TIMEZZZ, LOLOLOL. BUT FIC!SPAMMING IZ KK, CUZ OF THE REVIEWZzZzZ." Haha! NO! This must stop. It's time for my to have a major bitch about my life, and NO-ONE CAN COMPLAIN, BECAUSE IT'S THE FREAKING POINT OF A BLOG :'D

Actually, all that said, there is almost nothing to complain about in my life, apart from my dreadful time management, and my habit of not knowing when to say no, and thus having to time to even BREATHE. Even as I type this, I ought to be doing some homework... but that can wait (see what I mean about awful time management?)

Other than that, my life seems to be going greeaaattt :D At college, I've been singled out to be part of a gifted and talented scheme, called the Villier's Park Scholars, meaning that I get to go out and do stuff for gifted and talented people. Or something. Basically, this scheme picks out people who got really good exam grades at the end of school, and who are not particularly well off - like people whose parents didn't go to University, and people on Educational Maintenace Allowance, and helps them get into the countries top Universities. They also send you on free residentials, one with all the other gifted and talented people in your area, and one which is subject-specific, and you get to go and study a subject of your choice in depth (and normally these residentials cost £200, and we get to go for free... It's really worth it :D I'm going to do the English Lit. one next March on 'Exploring Shakespeare'.). The best thing, is this scheme only takes place in two places in the whole of England, and one of them is in the area where I live :) So, I'm really, really lucky to be part of it (:

I have also (after months and months of searching) got a part-time job! :D Yes.... please look out for me, your local, friendly fanfic writer in your local McDonalds, serving Big Macs. Alright, it's not my ideal job, but it'd got to the point where I was HAPPY TO DO ANYTHING. And McDonalds are a big, chain company, and therefore actually pay well and look after their employees (unlike the places many of my friends work...) so it's all good.

Well, those are the two big changes in my life.... *all do a jazzy little dance*

On a totally unrelated note, I wish I'd taken part in NaNoWriMo. I had a really good idea for a book the other day (albeit a little late for NaNoWriMo), but it made me realise how much I really ought to, and want to, write more original fiction. Sure, fanfiction is amazing, and it brings the fans of different things together, and I've met some wonderful people because of fanfiction, and people's reviews to fanfics have given me the confidence to think about writing original fiction - but I don't want to just write fanfiction forever. I want to write. I know I'm not really very old, and my writing hasn't reached it's best yet, but I've got to start somewhere, and I can't keep just saying "My writing isn't at it's best yet" forever.

So there we go... You witnessed it here first, folks. Watch out, bookstores of the world. Inclination is (apparently) coming to town.

The Best Things

Title: The Best Things
Author/Artist: Inclination
Character/Pairing: Sherlock/John
Fandom: Sherlock
Theme: #35, hunger


Written for 64damn_prompts .
A companion piece for 'The Simple Things', but works as a stand-alone.

Sherlock Holmes was not going to be a good cookCollapse )


Who's Afraid (Of The Big, Bad Wolf)?

Title: Who’s Afraid (Of The Big, Bad Wolf)?
Author/Artist: Inclination
Character/Pairing: Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty
Fandom: Sherlock
Theme: #7, opposite

Two 100-word drabbles, for 64damn_prompts . In celebrating of my laptop being fixed, and being able to use the internet on it again, rather than my clunky home PC.


Sherlock Holmes grows up afriad of nothing.Collapse )James Moriarty grows up afraid of everything.Collapse )


Sherlock-fic :D

Title: Like A Child Trying Not To Step On Cracks (Or 5 Times Sherlock Holmes Was Afraid)

Author/Artist: Inclination

Character/Pairing: Sherlock Holmes

Fandom: Sherlock (TV Series)

Theme: #24, fight/flight

Entry can be found in 64damn_prompts.

Jim Moriarty is stood opposite him, smiling. It’s a dare, Sherlock knows, and God, this man is brilliant.


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